Cairns Permaculture

Cairns Permaculture
Cairns Permaculture:
On this page you'll find details and links to permaculture related events in the Cairns area and profiles of permaculture experts, contact details for permaculture groups, free
permaculture videos and resources and more...

Permaculture Events In The Cairns Area:
Go to the Cairns Permaculture Group Website for full details of local permaculture events

Permaculture Leaders In The Cairns Area:
    Bruce Zell Permaculture Consultant
Bruce is a true permaculture pioneer with over 27 years experience in permaculture design, construction, landscaping, project management and training.  He is available for workshops and consulting services.
His qualifications include a diploma in permaculture, a diploma in accredited permaculture training (APT), design certificate in permaculture (PDC),  a structural landscape design license and a certificate IV workplace trainer and assessor in permaculture, structural landscape and rural skills.
Phone Bruce on 0409944528.

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